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As we move towards zero emissions, the provision of a regular information source for transport and fleet managers is essential to increase environmental and product knowledge, and to assist in making informed decisions on the latest vehicles, fuels and technologies that reduce carbon emissions. 

GREENFLEET® occupies this role, bringing together all the latest green transport news, features and interviews with fleet managers across the country, as well as show previews and road test reviews.

GREENFLEET® provides readers with an insight into how the transport industry is coping with the worldwide demand to reduce carbon emissions, and how fleet managers and operators across the UK and Europe are taking advantage of developments in fuel, finance, software and telecommunications to make their green fleets run on time and within budgetary requirements, from small concerns operating 20 vehicles through to multinational companies with fleets across the globe.

Regular contributors to GREENFLEET® include experts in fleet management, transport technology and environmental policy.

Editor: Angela Pisanu

Publisher: George Petrou

Events Manager: Colin Boyton