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The UK Public Sector represents the single largest market in the UK. Government Business, now in its 21st year of publication, deals with the 'business end' of government's requirements. GB's pages contain need-to-know features, news and case studies that explain the commercial issues affecting local and central government.

Topical contributions are regularly carried from Government Ministers, Public Sector Analysts, Conference Speakers and Industry Experts on a wide range of subjects that are of specific interest to public sector executives.

Government Business supports several high profile exhibitions - coverage of which is always timed for maximum impact. Topics regularly addressed include Facilities Management, Security, Energy, Transport, Procurement and Money Matters - a regular supplement on public sector finance, insurance and risk management.


Technology is the catalyst to transforming public services. It can improve the quality and cost effectiveness of local government transactions, as well as their accessibility. Its use can help engage disaffected groups; solve language barriers and make citizens feel more attached to society and in touch with their government. As new technologies emerge, the potential to harness their benefits in order to better serve the public is huge.

Government Technology explores the administrative and commercial issues affecting IT and computing in Central and Local Government. Regular topics include E-Government, E-Procurement, Smartcards, Open Source Software, Networking and Telecommunications. Contributors range from government ministers through to IT experts and association chairs.

Government Technology also makes sure that readers are kept up-to-date with the latest conferences and exhibitions by featuring in-depth previews to the most important IT events and seminars.

Editor: Polly Jones

Publisher: Karen Hopps